B.F.A inspiration

While I am on spring break I have decided to do a little reading in hopes of inspiration for my next work, which will be my B.F.A piece. When I say “the B.F.A.” I am referring to the final show of the graduating Seniors at KCAI. 

here are some books that I am reading

Maria Gough - The Artist as Producer: Russian Constructivism in Revolution

I LOVE Russian Constructivism! 

Anne D’Alleva - Methods and Theories of Art History

After reading the first couple of chapters of this book I wish I had found this book three years ago. This book would’ve helped me write some better papers for my seminar class.

Anne Truitt - Turn: The Journal of an Artist

Anne’s book is one reason why I started this tumblr blog. Also I have yet to read her other book Daybook but from what I have read it sounds amazing.